TBE is Bringing Scheduled Oneg and Kiddush Back!

Why have food following services?  Because catching up with old friends and meeting new ones while noshing on a yummy snack helps to foster our Jewish community.

What food is best to bring?  Some suggestions include apple or grape juice, cookies, pastries, fruit, cheese and crackers for Friday night.  White grape juice, fruit, hummus + crackers, dips, chips, challah, tuna or egg salad, sweets and veggies for Saturday services.  Don’t stress out; this is just a snack, but expect to provide food for approximately 30 people between you and the other scheduled family. Please provide a challah if you are scheduled for Kiddush on Saturday. Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market both sell challahs on Friday.

When is my turn to provide Oneg or Kiddush?  Please check the bottom of this page for upcoming Kiddush & Oneg date(s).  You can coordinate with the other family scheduled for the same date and decide who will provide which foods.  Then bring your snacks to share.

How do I set up Oneg or Kiddush in the Social Hall?  Nothing complicated. Just arrange your food on the tables provided in the social hall.  Place any perishable items in refrigerator until time to eat.  Plates, cups, napkins and plastic silverware will be provided by TBE and can be found in the cupboard above the sink.  Please make sure any dishes are washed and all food is taken home at the conclusion of Oneg or Kiddush. If you need guidance about anything, speak to that day’s synagogue greeter, who should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Can I make a monetary donation toward the purchase of food if I am unable to provide Oneg or Kiddush but would still like to contribute?  Of course!  Please contact TBE office administrator Margaret Stiglitz to arrange  a monetary contribution and a member of the Temple Beth El Oneg/Kiddush committee will purchase food on your behalf.  We suggest a $50/year contribution but any amount is welcome.

Can I opt out of scheduled Oneg/Kiddush?  Yes.  If you would like to opt out please contact TBE office administrator Margaret Stiglitz and your name will be taken off the Oneg/Kiddush schedule list. You might still like to make a donation toward Oneg/Kiddush even if you choose to opt out.

What if I wish to switch my scheduled Oneg or Kiddush date?  Easy! Use the online Oneg schedule below to find another family to switch dates with. But please remember to contact TBE office administrator Margaret Stiglitz and inform her of the date switch in order to avoid confusion and to make sure that your family receives recognition in the TBE announcements.

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