Temple Beth El of Williamsburg is the only synagogue in the Historic Triangle. We are an unaffiliated congregation, with members from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds. Founded in 1959 by a small group of ambitious families, Temple Beth El has grown to be the center of Judaism in Greater Williamsburg. We strive to provide a warm and comfortable place for individuals to explore Judaism spiritually, intellectually, and socially. Our goal is to help both individuals and families find inspiration and meaning in Jewish life as we offer a wide range of opportunities for members to connect in the spirit of community.

Our mission reflects the Talmudic wisdom that we are shutafim b’ma’aseh bereshit, (partners in creation). That means our congregation is committed to being a partner in creating a world of shalom: peace, harmony, and balance. We do this through Jewish worship, study and acts of kindness. We support local and worldwide efforts to promote social justice.

You can read more about how the Jewish community developed in Williamsburg from colonial days to the present at this link.