Temple Beth El of Williamsburg has learning opportunities for members of all ages.

TBE School is a place for those in kindergarten through seventh grade to develop their relationship with Judaism and each other, as well as to practice what they learn. In 2012, TBE School partnered with the Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL), giving a new framework to our formal education program. The ISJL is committed to assisting communities throughout the South to ensure students will become lifelong participants in the Jewish community. ISJL supplies us with a comprehensive spiraled curriculum in which students revisit key content areas with increased sophistication as they progress through the material. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate, nurturing students’ Jewish identity, equipping students to live rich and meaningful lives. We welcome children with inquiring minds, and lots of questions!

B’nai Mitzvah at Temple Beth El of Williamsburg is a celebration of the student’s Jewish learning and accomplishments, as well as an opportunity for them to express themselves through the media of liturgy and study. Each Bar or Bat Mitzvah is as unique as the individual student. In preparation for becoming B’nai Mitzvah, our students typically learn Torah and Haftarah cantillation. They are encouraged to lead both Friday night and Saturday morning services, to teach a portion of the Torah, and to participate in a Tzedakah Project – volunteer work performed in honor of the occasion. Families are very involved in this process; parents, siblings, and other family members often participate in the services in a variety of ways. The parents of each class support and assist each other throughout the B’nai Mitzvah year.

For more information about TBE School contact Brenda Fischer.