This September marks the 10th anniversary of our rabbi, David Katz, who leads a remarkably diverse Jewish community that embraces Orthodoxy, Conservatism, Reform, Reconstructionism, and a seeming endless variety of beliefs and practices between. While Rabbi David’s rabbinic training is Reconstructionist, he creates an atmosphere where congregants can express ideas from a variety of Jewish movements and viewpoints. Many Jewish congregations across our country have diminished in size, while Temple Beth El’s continues to grow, and that has much to do with our rabbi’s warm and caring leadership. And that leadership steadfastly reinforces the haimish atmosphere for which Temple Beth El is well known.

Rabbi David’s expertise in Jewish scripture, Star Wars, Star Trek, the New York Mets, and the entire Marvel Universe only make him more accessible to the temple youth, as well as the child’s heart that resides within the whole age range of our congregants. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years, and our most fervent wish is that those years continue in the endless imagination of our broadest vision.

Happy 10th, Rabbi David!

Please use this blog to share your thoughts and memories with the congregation.

7 thoughts on “Rabbi’s 10th Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on such a wonderful anniversary!! We are truly fortunate to have you here in our community. And you’re from New York!!!

  2. Rabbi David,
    Mazel Tov on your 10th anniversary! Thanks for all you have done — and will continue to do — to enrich the TBE community, the Williamsburg community, and so many of us individually.
    Rob Kaplan

  3. You’ve made life long memories for us and with us, beginning with your first official TBE function, a Bar Mitzvah the day you started. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you do. Our lives and more full and sweeter for having you here.

  4. I so appreciate your welcoming way, your kindness and sense of fun during services. Thank you for 10 years of dedication to the community!

  5. As you know from your love of sports, it’s hard for a manager or head coach to stay with the same team for 10 years and still remain relevant to that team. The challenge is always there to come up with new ways of engaging the players and keeping them motivated to do their best. Fortunately, you remain relevant to TBE at your 10-year mark. May you continue to find new ways to engage us and motivate us. May you continue your progress with making TBE a presence in the larger Williamsburg religious community – something we need more than ever. Congratulations on your milestone.

  6. David, congratulations on your long tenure at Temple Beth El. 10 years is a big deal! I have long appreciated your ability to make Judaism, including some of its most esoteric aspects, accessible to our congregation. And by doing so, you have helped invigorate an ancient tradition that has inspired so many, including myself. I have appreciated the ease in which you are able to connect with the young, and your ability to demonstrate derech eretz for our older congregants. I am particularly appreciative of your embrace of intermarried couples, and opening the way for all of us to have a Jewish home. The biggest Mazel Tov!

  7. Rabbi David,
    Mazel tov on your Tenth Anniversary! You have triumphed over many challenges that have faced you, particularly this year, with courage, strength, understanding and compassion. May you continue in your role at Temple Beth El for many more years to come!
    All the best,
    Sheila Feder

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