Belong and Become

Welcome home. This is your synagogue. Each of us makes Temple Beth El of Williamsburg what it is. The building we worship in, our history, and our traditions serve as sources of pride. It is our members who come and give of themselves that make it a home to so many. We are partners in a rich history and helping to create a bright Jewish future. This is a place to belong and become.

Each person’s story is part of our synagogue’s story. We are a community where children laugh and sing and where students young and old study Torah. We do the energizing work of lifting up the voice of the Hebrew prophets in our own day. We are here for one another in sorrow and in joy. We are a community of sacred encounter, a home to healing and hope.

For any community to thrive, each must do our part. Your annual commitment helps pay for our rabbi and staff salaries, portions of youth and adult education, day-to-day operating expenses, care for our building, and underwrites many of our programs.

Commit to Participate in Jewish Life at Temple Beth El of Williamsburg

We strive to be a center of vibrant worship and personal spiritual growth. From birth to death and life cycle ceremonies between, Rabbi David Katz is your resource for support and guidance.

Learning is a lifelong endeavor. Members can enroll their children in TBE School, Williamsburg’s only place of Jewish learning for our children. From Torah and Tanach study to our Jewish Film Festival and enriching programs throughout the year, we provide leaning opportunities for our members of all ages. Participating on committees and attending events and programs promotes ties within our community and furthers our ability to support each other spiritually and practically.

What Is My Expected Commitment?

Your commitment takes many forms and can be measured financially and by giving of yourself. The amount suggested is based on an income guideline. Only you and your family can decide the value you find in being part of the vibrant Jewish life here in Williamsburg. As you consider your commitment this year, think of the guideline as a floor, not the ceiling. Please make your commitment by July 30. You can make one-time or monthly payments through online donation with our bank. Stock donation is another available option. Finances are never a barrier to membership at our synagogue. Please contact our Treasurer if circumstances affects your ability to make a commitment this year. For more information about our Membership Dues, click here.

Questions You May Have

Why Make An Annual Commitment When I Don’t Come To Synagogue Regularly?
Belonging to Temple Beth El of Williamsburg should not be thought of like a health club. We are here for you, your family, and each other every day. And, unlike many synagogues, we do not have a building fund or charge an additional amount to attend High Holiday services. We ask members to make this annual financial commitment to ensure our synagogue will be here for you, your family and all Jews in our community, now and in the future.

Why Is There A Security Assessment?
Keeping our families and children secure will require more than $22,000 this coming year. The $200 security assessment will support a new alarm system, as well as security at services and TBE School. Your safety and that of your family is always our highest priority, especially given the dynamics in our world today.

Is TBE School Included In My Commitment?
No, these fees are separate and cover just part of the expense related to our teachers and supplies for your children. Our operating budget subsidizes TBE School tuition. All synagogue financial commitments must be current to register for religious school and B’nei Mitzvah.

Be Part of the Jewish Community

As a member you are part of a relationshipbased community where you will be known, loved and cared for just as you know, love and care for others. With your continued help we can remain a vibrant and inclusive synagogue that values these meaningful relationships and inspirational personal growth. Learning, prayer and action transform people’s understanding of themselves, channel the power of community, and inform our responsibilities to the world.