Become Part of the Temple Beth El Family

We honor our Jewish values by putting them at the center of our contemporary lives and explore innovative ways to serve members’ needs and tikkun olam (healing the world). Our policies are informed, but not dogmatically determined, by study of traditional Jewish teachings and collective decisions are made through respectful dialogue. We are inspired by Rabbi Hillel who asked, “If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?”

Sharing the religious, cultural and historical wisdom of Jewish civilization is an enduring trait of our people. Here at Temple Beth El we explore Judaism in America, Israel and around the world. Young and old are valued as learners and teachers. Learning is informal, fun and participative. We foster Jewish identity and knowledge in our young children, offer a program for teens, provide B’nai Mitzvah preparation for the entire family and explore the many dimensions of Jewish life.

We form life-long friendships, share joys and come to each other’s aid and consolation in time of trouble or loss. We prize the intimacy afforded by our size but seek to strengthen our foundation and nourish a living Judaism with new members, more children, and fresh voices. Our policy is that one’s finances should not be a bar to membership. Members contribute financially, as well as through gifts of, service, compassion, and commitment.

Wherever you are in your Jewish journey—new and curious, steeped in lifetime learning and worship, or searching for a welcoming community—we invite you to explore with us what it means to live as a holy people in a complex and demanding modern world.

If you’re looking for your place in the Williamsburg Jewish community, please visit Temple Beth El. Our congregation is warm and welcoming with caring members of all ages. If interested in joining us or obtaining information about our religious school, contact us at (757) 220-1205 or email the office.