Food must be dairy or pareve only.   Pareve food is “neutral”, and can be served as part of both meat and dairy meals.   No meat, meat products, or shellfish are permitted inside Temple Beth El or on its grounds at any time.

Permitted food items include:

  1. Fish with both fins and scales, such as tuna, salmon, and anchovies.  These are considered pareve.
  2. Other pareve food such as, but not limited to: nuts, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. 
  3. Dairy food items.
  4. Baked goods and frostings that do not include animal products, such as lard or animal shortening. 

Food items that are not permitted include:

  1. Products containing meat, meat extracts or flavorings, shellfish, or shellfish extracts.
  2. Products containing animal shortening, lard, or non-kosher gelatin.

No food or drink is permitted in the sanctuary, on the stairs, or on the second floor, unless approved in advance by the Board of Directors, the President, or the Rabbi.

This policy also applies to anyone renting or using space in the synagogue. Anyone using space will be made aware of these policies in writing in Appendix B-2 of the “Policy for Use of Temple Beth El Property and Facilities”.


The list ofpermitted and not permitted foods applies off TBE grounds.  In addition, meat meals may be offered at TBE off-site events if the meat served is kosher, and the other food served at the meal is pareve and is kosher by ingredient.

On occasion, TBE events may of necessity take place in a setting where TBE or its members do not control the food offerings.  If food is provided by TBE or a representative of TBE, this policy is in effect.  If TBE does not provide the food, the decision is left to the attendee.


In addition to the above guidelines, during Pesach no Chametz or Kitniyot is permitted at any Temple Beth El event.  Chametz is anything containing the following grains: wheat, rye, oats, barley and spelt. Kitniyot is any product made with corn, rice, beans and other legumes.  This does not apply to items certified as Kosher for Passover.

Adopted June 5, 2013