The dates of TBE High Holidays services are as follows:


Erev Rosh Hashana Wed 9/24/14 7:00 pm Unitarian Universalist Church

Rosh Hashana Day ONE Thurs 9/25/14 9:00 am Unitarian Universalist Church

Tashlich Service Thurs 9/25/14 5:00 pm College Landing Park

Rosh Hashana Day Two Fri 9/26/14 9:00 am Temple Beth El

Kol Nidre Fri 10/3/14 7:00 pm Unitarian Universalist Church

Yom Kippur Sat 10/4/14 9:00 am Unitarian Universalist Church

Yizkor @12:15 pm

Mincha & Neilah 5:30 pm

Havdallah 7:35 pm

Break Fast 7:40 pm

The Unitarian Universalist Church is located at 3051 Ironbound Road.


Children’s programming will begin at about 10:00 am for both Rosh Hashana Day 1 and Yom Kippur.  Rabbi David will join the children at about 11:15 am each morning for a short service.  Participating children are expected to be accompanied by a parent.




Temple Beth El membership allows you and everyone in your household, including children up through age 22, to attend our services. Guests are always welcome. Adult children over the age of 22 and other relatives of TBE members are each asked to make a donation of $50 to TBE. Guests attending services who are not relatives of TBE members are asked to make a donation of $100 per person. Guest reservations may be obtained by calling the synagogue office at (757) 220-1205 prior to the holidays.



There will be an Oneg Yom Tov social gathering after the Erev Rosh Hashana service. All households are asked to bring dessert to share, or to donate to the supplies fund. There will also be a potluck Break Fast after the Yom Kippur Neilah service, beginning approximately at 7:40 pm. All families are asked to bring a dairy, vegetarian or fish (tuna, lox, gefilte, and salmon are acceptable) main dish large enough to feed your family plus at least four other people. Volunteers to set up and clean up for either or both of these functions should contact Margaret in the TBE office (office@tbewilliamsburg.org) .

Following Rosh Hashana Day Two services, there will be a pot luck Kiddush.  Participants with names starting with A-M are asked to bring a main dish, those with names starting with N-Z are asked to bring a dessert.  All food should conform with the TBE food policy (lower right of www.tbewilliamsburg.org).



During our Yizkor/Memorial Service, we read the names of our deceased loved ones. The names that are read are taken directly from our database, which is obtained from information you provided on your membership demographic form. If you did not submit this information and wish to make corrections and/or add names to your existing Yizkor list, please submit them immediately by emailing the TBE office at office@tbewilliamsburg.org .



Community Selichot Program and Service
TBE is hosting this year’s community Selichot Program and Service, on Saturday night, September 20, starting at 9pm. Selichot, which can be translated as forgiveness, marks the beginning of the recitation of the penitential prayers that are unique to the High Holy Day season. In addition to the service, which will be lead by Jewish clergy from across the peninsula, this year’s program will feature musical performances by TBE’s own Halyo Singers, and the choir from Williamsburg’s New Zion Baptist Church. The two groups will perform separately and together, singing spiritual songs with themes of forgiveness. Please attend what should be a moving start to the High Holy Day season.

TBE traveling to Israel?

Have you ever thought about traveling to Israel with fellow Temple Beth El members? Would you like to explore this possibility? On Sunday, September 21, at 4:30pm, representatives from Odyssey Travel – an extremely well-regarded organization that leads tours of Israel – will visit with us for a conversation about what a TBE Israel Trip might look like. If you are at all interested, please join us for this informational session.

Please RSVP to Margaret in the TBE Office if you plan to attend the session. Even more importantly, please let Margaret know if you’re interested in the trip, but cannot attend on the 21st.

High Holiday Torah Lifting

A few slots remain to lift the Torah during High Holiday services.  Please contact the office if you are interested.

High Holiday Practice

If you have been invited to participate in any way in High Holiday services, Rabbi David is available to practice with you.  This includes Torah blessings, lifting the Torah, or anything else.  Please contact Rabbi David to schedule a time.

A Celebration of TBE

Our Celebration of TBE will be held during Sukkot on

Sunday, October 12, 2014 from 12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m.

We hope everyone will be there, and we need help in making it as successful as last year.